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Your Dependable Full-Service Propane Providers in Burnet, TX

To keep your home and business running efficiently all year round, our locally operated and family-owned company will come to you whenever you need propane services.

We proudly serve our community and work hard to offer the best prices. So, whether you need propane delivery or safety checks, we do it all, so you never have to worry about having a power source.

Propane Delivery

Keeping your business and home fueled throughout the year is a priority, and whether you have outdoor appliances or heating needs, Propane Plus, LLC delivers. Our service area includes all of Central Texas, so no matter the size of town you are living in, we will come to you, and we offer routine fill-ups that are calculated based on your regular usage. Or, if it can't wait, you can come by one of our stations and refill, swap out, or recertify your cylinder.

Propane Tank Maintenance

The quality of your tank will depend on how well it's cared for, so we offer regular propane tank maintenance checks with one of our certified technicians. Whether you have had the same tank for years or just installed a new one, we specialize in everything from tank stabilization to painting services.

Propane Tank Installation

With over two decades of experience with installation services, Propane Plus, LLC understands the logistics of a professional tank installation, and we offer a free consultation to get you started! So, if you need a replacement or are adding a new tank, our team will help you determine the best placement on your property and show you how to run the system safely.

Propane Generators

A backup power supply can mean keeping your business running or your family warm during power outages or winter storms. Propane Plus, LLC professionals have over 20 years in the business, so we offer safe and reliable large generator hook-up services or small tank refills.

Propane Lines

Propane use is growing for homeowners because it offers a consistent power source while at the same time cutting back on energy bills. It's a safe and efficient fuel option, and our professionals can help install propane lines for any indoor or outdoor equipment, from dryers to gas grills, so you can keep your focus on enjoying your living space.

Your Propane Experts in Burnet

Whether you are switching to propane or need a refill, Propane Plus LLC has you covered. Our team provides comprehensive services, and we are certified through the Texas Railroad Commission as a trusted propane supplier. We offer the best prices around, and we have emergency services available 24/7 to help ensure your propane needs are covered.

Our team is here to answer all your questions. Call us at 512-259-7587 or message us online, and we will get back to you right away!

Kind Words From Our Customers

we proudly serve the central texas Area

From our regular route program to new tank installation, Propane Plus, LLC delivers. Our outstanding customer service comes to you in all of the following locations.