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Protective Propane Tank Painting for Central Texas

Whether you’ve had a new above ground propane tank installed or you’ve had other tank maintenance performed, tank painting is a necessary step to protecting your tank, home, and business.

Let our professional team at Propane Plus, LLC provide you with the painting service that guarantees safety and meets the Railroad Commission of Texas’ propane tank standards.

Painting Above Ground Propane Tanks

For your safety, above ground propane tanks need to be covered in a heat reflective paint as standardized by the National Fire Protection Association and Railroad Commission of Texas.

Dark, heat absorbing colors and paints can cause gas to expand in your tank, which can lead to the safety valve opening and releasing gas. Let our team keep you protected by professionally painting your propane tank!

Our process includes:

  • Washing your tank to remove grease and dirt.
  • Sanding to scrub rust and hard to remove grime off your tank.
  • Priming your tank if it needs it.
  • Painting a reflective color of your choice.
Propane Tank

Common color choices are white, light gray, and silver, but home and business owners have also gone with colors to match their house, business, or landscape.

Painting Underground Propane Tanks

Before installing an underground propane tank, it also needs proper paint and coatings in order to keep you safe. Underground tanks are susceptible to rust and corrosion due to fluctuating groundwater levels and the near-constant moisture surrounding them. Over time the tank’s integrity will fail, causing a gas leak.

Let our professionals apply a waterproof barrier around your tank before settling it into a corrosive underground environment. Not only does this help protect you from gas leaks, but it also increases the life of your tank and saves you money on replacement.

Schedule Our Professional Propane Tank Painting Service

Call for a free inspection of your tank and keep your property safe with our tank painting and additional maintenance services. With your tank in good working order, join our regular route propane delivery program and never be without safe power again!

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