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Professional Propane Tank Service

Maintaining your propane tanks, cylinders, and appliances is essential to your safety and the quality of your propane systems. Let our certified technicians help you stay safe with your propane use by providing safety checks on your systems whenever you need them.

As a regular route customer with our propane delivery service, you can expect our full-service monitoring of your tank, but if you notice anything unusual about your tank or appliances, call us for a thorough inspection.

Tank Maintenance Checks

Whether you’ve just installed a new propane tank or you’ve been using the same one for years, keeping you, your family, and your property safe is our top priority. Plus, you deserve to have your propane tanks and appliances running efficiently for as long as possible.

That’s why our complete safety checks include the following!

Propane Levels & Monitoring Equipment

Our experts verify your tank’s propane level and the accuracy of the monitoring equipment so you always know how much propane you have.

Level Ground

Above ground propane tanks have to be stabilized on level ground to eliminate the risk of tipping over. Our team confirms the concrete under your tank is in good condition and that the surrounding area is settling evenly.

Tank Condition

Propane tanks undergo wear and tear from weather and outdoor conditions, regardless of if they are above or below ground. Our professionals check the paint and coatings on your tanks to stop them from corroding and to ensure they stand up to extreme conditions.

Leak Control

Leaks are one of the most common and most important issues that can happen with your tank or propane appliances. Our team verifies the integrity of the tank, as well as checks that the valves and lines are all hooked up correctly and in good shape through pressure testing.

Damaged or Missing Parts

Our experts confirm that all valves, dials, indicators, and controls are where they should be and in good working order.

For any problems we find, our propane professionals can make the tank and line repairs to help you maintain your power and lifestyle.

Know When Your Propane Tank Needs Servicing

Propane Tanks

When a propane tank tips over, you know you need immediate service, but there are other important ways to tell when your tank needs maintenance. Let us know if you notice any of these signs!

Rotten Egg Smell

Bad smells coming from your tank, lines, or appliances indicate a leak. Leave the area and call us immediately if you smell rotten eggs or skunk-like odors.

Soot on Appliances

Since propane burns cleanly, soot should not appear on your appliances. If it does, it might mean there’s a problem with how your propane is burning.

Irregular Flames

Extra large or small flames when you’re expecting a normal size flame suggests your appliance isn’t processing propane correctly.

Schedule a Safety Check for Your Propane Tank

Keep your family and property safe with our full-service propane tank maintenance. We’ll come to you for all your propane needs or stop by our conveniently located filling stations for cylinder refills and recertification.

Call today to schedule a free tank safety check at 512-259-7587 or contact us online.

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