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What to Know About Forklift Propane Tank Sizes

What to Know About Forklift Propane Tank Sizes

Propane forklifts have been used for decades in large and small operations. Propane is a safe, easy option and doesn't require waiting for the unit to charge.

You need a tank that is the appropriate size for your forklift, so the Propane Plus, LLC team is here to help ensure the tank you choose will get the job done!

What Size Tanks Are Used for Forklifts?

Propane tanks for forklifts come in two primary options: standard or large.


The standard size can range between two to three gallons and up to eight and is generally used for forklifts like reach stackers and pallet jacks.


Comes in four gallons and up to ten, making them ideal for larger jobs with pallet trucks and reach stackers.

How Much Propane Will Your Forklift Require?

The job size will also determine how much fuel will be needed. For larger jobs using a pallet truck or reach stacker will require more than a pallet Jack so it all depends on how far you need to go and how heavy the load is.

A good way to find out exactly how much fuel will be needed is to consider the following:

  • The distance needed to travel.

  • How fast will the forklift be traveling?

  • The weight of the load being moved.

  • How long will the load be carried?

You also want to consider how easy the tank is to refill on the machine, and you should always try to keep it at least half full. Smaller forklifts only need to fill up typically every few days, but for larger jobs or in a warehouse environment, the fill-ups may need to be completed multiple times a week or day.

What Types of Forklift Propane Tanks Are Available?

Three primary options are available: standard, high pressure, or extended.


This tank style is the most common, typically around 2 to 3 gallons, and made from plastic, so they're not the best choice for heavier jobs.

High Pressure

These tanks are specific for larger forklifts that require higher demands. They have an internal pressure of over 200 PSI, making them an efficient and safer option because they're built to be stronger.


Extended tanks are ideal for pallet trucks and reach stackers made from steel. They're typically between four and five gallons, and while they're more expensive, they are an easier option to refill and last longer.

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Every forklift will have a different requirement, and our helpful guide can narrow down your options so you choose the right tank for your forklift. Keeping your tank topped off means keeping your business running smoothly, and Propane Plus, LLC is a local provider you can count on. Since 2002 our family-based business has provided expert services from propane tank maintenance to refills in Central Texas.

Your team is here to answer all your questions, and if you need a refill, call us at 512-259-7587 or contact us online today.

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