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Is Propane Safe? Why You Should Be Using Propane

Is Propane Safe? Why You Should Be Using Propane

With so many energy sources out there to heat and cool your home and fuel your appliances, it's hard to keep track of what is best for you, your needs, the environment, and everything else. 

But with propane services being used in millions of households and businesses across the United States and its long-standing safety record, propane is becoming the easy choice for home and business owners alike.  

Our experts here at Propane Plus, LLC, break down the benefits of propane and show how it is one of the safest fuels on the market. 

What Makes Propane Safe?

With strict codes and regulations developed by the National Fire Protection Association, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and the propane industry, propane has had a strong safety record for decades. 

Only certified propane specialists can handle the liquid or recertify propane tanks for continued use, and our trained professionals teach customers the safest ways to use propane

In addition to the handling standards required by government and industry regulations, propane is a safe fuel. 

Propane Burns Cleanly

For a fuel to be labeled as clean burning, it has to produce very little sulfur dioxide and other particulates. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane maintains that clean burning label and keeps appliances free of soot and scaling. 

With no soot or scaly build-up clogging your appliances, they run better for longer, saving you maintenance costs or the need to buy new ones.

Propane Is Friendlier to the Environment

Along with being safer for you to use, propane is also better for the environment than most fuel sources. It is non-toxic and insoluble in water. 

If propane is released, it is often in its gaseous form, so it doesn't spill or seep into the ground or leave a residue. It emits less carbon dioxide and less exhaust than natural gas and other fuels, so you can leave a much smaller carbon footprint, too.

The Cylinders Can Be Recycled 

Once the tank shows signs of wear and tear, you may find leaks or corrosion, signaling that it's time for an upgrade. Fortunately, the cylinders can be recycled, and the biggest concern is that the unit be completely empty before proceeding. 

An expert can make sure the tank has no residual gas in it, and the cylinder can be taken to an appropriate disposal site or, in some cases, used to create homemade items from smokers to funky artwork.

More Reasons to Use Propane

Propane's clean and safe record isn't the only reason it is an ideal choice for most people. Here are some other factors to consider when using propane to fuel your home and business.

Efficient & Affordable

Because propane is a high-efficiency fuel, it uses less energy than other fuel sources to produce the same amount of power. For example, you can produce twice as much hot water with propane as you could with an electric unit in an equal amount of time. That efficiency saves you time and money. 

Propane also provides you with the unique ability to buy it when you need it or ahead of time and store it for later. This way, you don't have to rely on a power grid or natural gas and can save money over time. 

Convenient to Store & Use

Propane is one of the easiest to install, use, and store fuel sources. No matter where you live, a propane tank can be installed, and propane lines can be hooked up to heat your home, run your clothes dryer, and fire your grill. Unlike natural gas, your home or business doesn't have to be pre-equipped for propane. 

Using a qualified propane supplier allows you to have propane delivered to your home or business whenever you need it. Or join our regular route program and have propane automatically scheduled to be delivered without having to do anything.  

Propane can also be stored for long periods. As long as your propane tank is well-maintained and in good working condition, it should last for years and keep you stocked for as long as you need. 

Versatile & Portable

Propane is also an extremely versatile fuel that can run anything in your home or business that electricity or natural gas can run, including:

Plus, propane is portable, so you can use it for outdoor appliances and take it wherever you go. 

Appliances You Can Power With Propane

From large gatherings to business needs, propane works with all your outdoor projects, keeping you going throughout the year for multiple appliances and vehicles, including:

  • Gas grills

  • Pool heaters

  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces

  • Generators

  • Space heaters

  • Construction Equipment

  • Forklifts

  • Motorhomes

It's the Perfect Option for Food Trucks

Food trucks typically don't stay at one location, so they need a fuel source to carry wherever they go. 

Keeping the customers happy and well-fed means having a consistent power source, and propane is the perfect fit because it's not only safe and efficient but also portable. The cylinders make it portable, so you can set it up in all the hottest locations around town and not have to worry about how you're going to power your truck.

Follow Our Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

Keeping your business and family safe when using propane is crucial, so our experts always recommend following these steps anytime you are using it:

  • Always transport cylinders and open vehicles.

  • Don't use cylinders with damage or rust.

  • Keep the cylinder upright, especially when transporting them.

  • Store them away from heat and flame.

  • Do regular inspections for damages and leaks.

  • Don't try to customize or modify the cylinder.

  • Only use qualified professionals for installations and refills.

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