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How to Recycle & Remediate Your Propane Cylinder

How to Recycle & Remediate Your Propane Cylinder

Are you thinking of recycling or remediating your propane cylinder because you have had it for a long time? You must handle your propane cylinder properly and safely, and there is a certain protocol you should follow if you plan to recycle or remediate your propane cylinder. 

If your propane cylinder is still usable, you can recycle the cylinder for money. However, even with the best maintenance, your propane cylinder may have reached the end of its life span. The smaller the propane cylinder, the shorter the lifespan.

Learn ways to properly recycle or remediate your propane cylinder with these tips!

Recycle Your Propane Cylinder

If you cannot have your propane cylinder refilled, the best option is to recycle it. However, it is recommended that you recycle the propane cylinder only if it is still serviceable. Because of safety regulations regarding propane, many recyclers will not accept propane cylinders. 

Our experts at Propane Plus, LLC or another local propane supplier can direct you to a specialized recycler for your propane cylinder. You can also contact your public works department to recycle your tank.

Remediate & Reuse Your Propane Cylinder

If you are unsure whether your propane cylinder is beyond use, you can go to a professional propane supplier to have your tank examined and possibly refilled. You should seek a professional after your tank is refilled at a station or if you need above or underground propane tank installation. 

Dented and rusted cylinders should not be used for refills! You can contact a propane tank service for propane tank painting if needed. 

Safely transport your propane cylinder by closing the valve tightly and securing the cylinder upright. Reach out for assistance with propane tank recertification.

Dispose of Your Propane Cylinder

There are multiple options for the safe disposal of your propane cylinder. If it is a large propane cylinder, you can contact your propane supplier, and they can remove it. 

It is important not to attempt to dispose of the propane cylinder yourself, as you will need to remove any remaining propane safely.

There are signs that something isn't right with propane, and if you smell gas, don't hesitate to call 9-1-1 or your local fire department!

Your propane supplier will have licensed professionals with specialized tools for propane removal. You can also talk to your hazardous waste disposal department for removal of the tank, but do not assume your propane tank will be accepted. 

The Take Care of Texas website lists extra tips and hazardous waste collection sites. 

Signs Your Propane Tank Is Wearing Out

Whether you are disposing, recycling, or remediating, there are tell-tale signs it's time to make the change, and our top ones include: 

How Old the Unit Is

A propane tank's lifespan is limited, and if you are dealing with an older model, it's only a matter of time before it starts to go out. If you find corrosion or leaks, they will affect its performance and become a safety hazard.

The Propane Efficiency Is Declining

When a tank is working at optimal levels and used safely, it maintains the right delivery and pressure within the tank. If the unit is starting to wear out or has damage, it can reduce its efficiency and increase costs because you're using more propane than before. 

Repairing the tank or swapping it out for a new one means you get a properly functioning unit and more efficiency from your fuel source.

There is Damage to the Tank

Even in the best of circumstances, damage can occur to your tank. Look for issues like discoloration, rust spots, cracks, dents, and any other visible damage that could affect the unit's integrity. 

What might look like a small issue can quickly turn into a large one, so always contact an expert if you have safety concerns.

Fuel Level Readings Are Off

Having the proper fuel level means keeping your business or home working. If the gauges are not consistent, this can leave you without power sources for your propane equipment

If the indicator malfunctions, it will disrupt your ability to monitor your usage and may be a sign that a repair or replacement is needed.

Contact Your Propane Experts in Central Texas 

Based in Central Texas, Propane Plus, LLC has certified experts to guarantee safe propane cylinder recycling or reuse at your home or business. These propane cylinder removal and reuse tips are state-recommended, and our staff is trained in safe propane cylinder management. 

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