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5 Things to Consider When Installing a Propane Tank

5 Things to Consider When Installing a Propane Tank

With more individuals looking for cost-effective energy and heating options, propane is growing in popularity. It is a low-cost and safe fuel alternative that's been utilized for hundreds of years.

If you are considering adding propane to your home or business, professional tank installation requires several steps to take place, so here are five things to consider before the installation.

1. Where Is the Best Location?

The biggest consideration for propane tank installation is the placement of the tank. Installation can be above or below ground, with the most common choice being above because it makes maintenance and fill-ups easier.

The tank size will also affect this, and the general rule is that if it’s over 500 gallons, it will most likely be buried underground.

It also needs to be at least 10 feet away from any ignition sources, structures, or property lines because this helps enhance the safety and security of your property.

2. Does the Ground Need Preparation?

For a tank to be installed safely, you also need to stabilize the ground, so the surface will need to be leveled.

Many people install cement or concrete slabs for a tank to sit on because it creates a solid platform that can support the tank's weight and help secure it so it functions optimally.

Make sure you work with a qualified propane company, like Propane Plus LLC, that has the credentials and experience to smooth the ground and lay concrete before setting up your tank. You’ll be glad you did!

3. What Size Will Work for Your Needs?

Understanding what size tank you need is critical because it can be easy to underestimate your usage and risk running out.

Almost every appliance can be connected to propane tanks, so have a list of equipment that will use the propane, like outdoor grills and fireplaces to whole house heating and water heaters. Speak with your installer to help determine the correct size.

4. How Can You Prepare for the Install?

Preparing your home for installation is another factor. You want to ensure that your appliances are installed correctly, and if you have older equipment, they need to be properly converted.

If you have questions about this, it is recommended to contact a professional before the installation because if the appliances are not ready or converted correctly, there is a risk of carbon monoxide or fire.

5. What Needs to be Cleared for the Delivery?

Once you are ready for the installation, you want to ensure any obstacles are out of the way of the machinery delivering your tank.

This could be debris or anything else blocking the road, and be sure to keep pets and loved ones out of the way of installation areas to help ensure everyone stays safe during the process.

Complete & Professional Propane Services

These are just a few considerations to help make the installation process easier. If you have questions, you should always contact a professional to ensure you feel confident about your propane tank installation and service.

At Propane Plus, LLC, we put safety first, and that's why our customers trust us for complete services, including tank installation and propane delivery in Texas!

When you need professional propane services, we deliver! Call us at 512-259-7587 or message us online today.

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